WP2: Preparation of synthetic and recombinant magnetic nanoparticles


In this work package, we are synthesizing different types of magnetic nanoparticles. Our aim is to provide particles that have the correct size for the studied mode of magnetic actuation (“temp mode” or “space mode”) but with strong magnetic properties, that appear due to the size of the particles.

These particles prepared for this project are all based on magnetic iron oxide, with adapted size, shape and surface coating and functionality. Indeed, these nanoparticles must move freely in their environment but have to recognize specific targets intracellularly or on the cell membrane.

For the “temp mode”, large nanoparticles of a few hundreds of nanometers can be used. They are synthesized by encapsulating clusters of iron oxide nanoparticles in a silica shell. For the “space mode”, it is necessary to have nanoparticles that can diffuse in the complex intracellular medium.

For such reason we developed magnetic nano-objects with different passivation strategies and different shapes, with a size always smaller than 70 nm, so they can diffuse freely inside the cell.

Finally, all the particles used in the project are fluorescent to be localized in cells, and colocalized with their targeted proteins. At this time, the particles developed for the project are: