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Check meeting of the Magneuron project


In March 2017, we met in Brussels of a Check Meeting with the European Commission and external experts, but we took this opportunity to get together and have a discussion on the latest project achievements: indeed, in the last couple of months, we have developed semi-synthetic ferritin-based protein cages, a new class of magnetic nanoparticles.


Second meeting of the Magneuron project

Our second meeting took place 9 months after the project beginning in Bochum, Germany, in the premises of the Ruhr-Bochum University. Besides the project progress discussion, we had an external speaker intervention, Dr. James Byrne from the University of Tuebingen, on the biogenic magnetite nanoparticles produced via microbial iron reduction, a review of the current state of the art related to the project, and a discussion on the mechanisms of nanoparticle based on hyperthermia.

MAGNEURON kick-off

The Magneuron kick-off meeting took place on January 22 and 23, 2016 and was hosted in Paris by Institut Curie and UPMC. It was a perfect opportunity to introduce the scientific teams and their current research projects, review the project technical objectives and schedule the next actions.


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Institut Curie
Keele University
Universitat Osnabruck
Ruhr Universitat Bochum
University of Birmingham