Magneuron first Workshop

On 26-28 January 2018, the Magneuron project hosted its first workshop in Aussois (France).

During two days, internal and external speakers presented their works related to neurobiology and breakthrough sciences related to Magneuron subject.

The attending speakers were the following:

-Dr Arnd Pralle from Buffalo University: Approaches and materials for remote magnetothermal deep brain neuromodulation

-Dr Jian Zhong from Burke Medical Research Institute: Fostering axon growth after CNS injury

-Dr David Henry Herce from Harvard University: The art of delivery: Design and delivery of molecule using cell penetrating peptides

-Dr Florence Gazeau from Paris-Diderot University: Nanotechnology for cell therapy

-Dr Alberto Martinez Serrano from Madrid University: PD stem cells transplantation

-Dr Julian George from Oxford University: Culture of neurons in granular hydrogel scaffolds

-Dr Maxime Dahan from Institut Curie : Magnetic control of intracellular signalling

-Dr Christine Ménager from CNRS: Magnetic Hybrid Systems for Nano-medecine

-Dr Alicia El Haj from Keele University: Engineering human cells and tissues to the clinic

-Dr Monte Gates from Keele University: So you wat to do a brain transplant

-Dr Jacob Piehler from Osnabrück University: Signalling complexes at the plasma membrane from observation toward manipulation

-Dr Rolf Heumann from Bochum University:   Role of RAS signalling for neuronal degeneration and regeneration?

Magnetic Hybrid Systems for Nano-medicine


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Institut Curie
Keele University
Universitat Osnabruck
Ruhr Universitat Bochum
University of Birmingham